Acting Laboratory 2020

Jan 07 - Mar 31 2020

On 14.1.2020 at 17.00 begins the new season at the Berliner Studio – DFFB Acting-Laboratory under the leadership of Prodromos Antoniadis. Over a total of 17 sessions, actors, directors, writers and dffb-students will work together continuously and be able to further train their instruments and their skills.

Course plan:
Jan 2020: 07.01. / 14.01. / 21.01. / 28.01.
Feb 2020: 04.02. / 11.02. (Berlinale break)
Mar 2020: 10.03. / 17.03. / 24.03. / 31.03.
(each time from 17.00 to 22.00)

The basic training is set out like our multi-week acting seminars (Sense Memory, Repeat, Empathy exercises among others). Then we do pre-prepared and spontaneous scenes and improvisations. We troubleshoot actual screenplay scenes.

The laboratory is also the place, where we further develop Berliner Studio techniques; on the basis of the needs and the particular results from the work on stage, film and TV of our participants and long time members: and not least through questions such as: what do I want to say with this role, this screenplay, this film and how do I make it come to life, so that it can touch the audience.

In cooperation with the German Film and Television Academy Berlin


Registration and more information:

berliner-studio-dffb-labor ( a t )

Newcomers please send us a CV and / or a link to Showreel / Rehearsal.

Prodromos Antoniadis

Marcus Hanisch, Armin Mobasseri

see description

Course language
german / english (bilingual)

Course fee
Since the Berliner Studio VAT is subject to VAT, we have to adapt the price. That means, each includes 19% VAT:

  • a 10-session ticket (dates are freely selectable) costs €330
  • Individual sessions cost €40